Welcome to Shadows of San Diego.


Shadows of San Diego is a Vampire: The Masquerade game set in San Diego during the year 2005. Though the city seems a paradise beneath the Southern California sun, once night falls it becomes clear how fragile that image truly is. The Kindred of the city cast dark shadows which strangle and corrupt anything of beauty, despite their most fervent efforts to the contrary.

A recent Sabbat incursion has left holes in the city’s Kindred community. In response, the Prince has approved a batch of new Embraces to bolster the numbers of the Camarilla. These new recruits may prove to be the protectors the city needs against its myriad foes. Or perhaps they will find nothing but a swift Final Death, due either to the depredations of the Sabbat or a misstep in the complicated intrigues of vampire politics.

What will the coming nights hold?


To explore more information about the campaign, take a look at the wiki. You can enjoy reading recent adventure notes, look at the cast of characters, and peek at the locations they have visited.

Shadows of San Diego

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