Shadows of San Diego

Chapter 1 Part 2 - The First Tradition
The Masquerade continued

The coterie split up to wrap up the last loose ends of the Masquerade breach they were sent to rectify. Cole and George headed to the Department of the Medical Examiner to investigate the corpse of the girl murdered at the scene. Meanwhile Wu and Alan headed to Scripps Mercy Hospital to ascertain the condition of the survivor of the attack. Leshiac claimed he had a brilliant plan to enact, and the others were too happy about not having to put up with him to ask questions.

Chapter 1 - The First Tradition
The Masquerade

Thou shalt not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so shall renounce thy claims of Blood.

After the conflict of the previous evening, none of the fledgling vampires were particularly pleased with being forced into participating in whatever it was Hernando Ruiz had planned for them. Their sires reminded them that it was by the Prince’s mandate that they were being put through this “training” and thus would have to stick it out. They were given a brief glimpse of the city’s politics, and that their current situation would not last forever.

The fledglings reassembled at the construction yard, where Ruiz told them their first and most important lesson was the First Tradition, the Masquerade. Fate, it seems, has seen fit to provide an object lesson. There has been a breach of the Masquerade. It is of vital importance to each individual vampire, and their society as a whole, that such breaches be cleaned up as discreetly as possible.

Night's Prologue

In the wake of violent attacks, the Prince of San Diego authorized the creation of new childer to the clans who suffered the greatest losses. Our cast of fiends has been established:

  • Wu Xiao Tsu – Brujah, young Chinese Triad member with something to prove.
  • Alan – Ventrue, legal clerk with ambition and presence
  • Cole Rand – Tremere, politically outspoken writer
  • George MacIntyre – Tremere, leader of geeks

The Prince, concerned at the heightened risk of violations against the traditions with a larger than usual clutch of new childer, has decided to take their training into her own hands. She orders the fledgling’s sires to send their childer to the sheriff’s deputy who will handle instructing them in the basic tenets of the Camarilla Traditions. The sires are less than happy with this decree, but realize they have little choice. Their childer are given a location where they are to convene the following evening for their training.


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