Donald Creef

A pudgy, sweaty little man with a predilection for taking pictures of things he shouldn't.


Don is a small time creep. He’s already done a little time for trespassing, vandalism, and theft, but managed to avoid being labeled as a sex offender. He keeps to himself in the upstairs flat he rents. Just him and his camera, overlooking the park across the street and all the young lovers who frequent it.

His perv career started by becoming obsessed with cryptozoology and trying to prove other bizarre theories and conspiracies with photographic proof. Somewhere along the way he discovered taking illicit photos of young women was more exciting. After a couple years of secret observation, he’s developed quite the photograph collection and is learning how to share his predilections on the internet.

It was by accident that he caught the incident on camera. He was zooming in on a young couple just starting to get energetic in the park, when the creature attacked. He managed several stills and a short video recording of the incident. This proved it all. He was right all along! Creatures in the night, dark conspiracies. He was going to be famous!

Donald Creef

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