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House Rules:

  • Predator’s Taint is in effect. Vampires recognize other predators, especially other vampires. Their Beasts growl and snarl at each other when in close proximity. There is a reason vampires are so often solitary creatures.
  • Discipline levels add to skill rolls. Whenever you are attempting a role that your discipline would enhance, add the level of that discipline to your die pool. For example, when giving a rousing oratory, you would roll charisma + leadership + presence (if you have it) in order to see how powerfully moving your speech was to the assembled crowd.
  • Frenzy should be terrifying and extremely dangerous. When in frenzy, a vampire with Humanity adds the inverse (i.e. 10 – Humanity) to all physical dice pools. Naturally, this is only when completely out of control of the player. ( This rule is in playtest. If it turns out to be too overpowering we’ll reduce/cut it )

Player Characters:

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