Predator's Taint

Predator’s Taint is a concept from the new system, Vampire: The Requiem. It stipulates that when two vampires meet for the first time, their Beasts have something of a pissing match to determine whether the other is a threat, an equal, or a lesser. The base instinct surges forward and drives Kindred to either flee in terror of more powerful predators or conquer weaker vampires to protect oneself.


When two Kindred meet for the first time, they will immediately sense each other as their Beasts howl and snarl at each other. There is a complicated relationship between a Kindred’s true power and their age and Generation. However, in general the breakdown is as follows:

  • The player of the character with the higher Generation / younger age must immediately check for Rotschreck.
  • The player of the character with the lower Generation / greater age must immediately check for frenzy.
  • If the characters are of the same Generation or similar age / potency, both players check for frenzy.

This check is only necessary upon the first meeting of two vampires. From then on, Kindred feel something of a “surge” of the Beast every time the two make contact, but it is never as violently strong as the first contact.

Obfuscated vampires remain concealed, their Beast is hidden away and thus does not give away their presence. This also means that when obfuscating around a vampire the character has never encountered, they do not make the roll, but likewise may not recognize the other kindred as a vampire. If the obfuscation should fail, be seen through by Auspex, or be dropped, the players must immediately make the above rolls for the affected characters.


Possible modifiers to the difficulty of frenzy / Rotschreck rolls due to Predator’s Taint include:

-2 – The character is at Elysium or some other social event that would invoke grave consequences for succumbing to frenzy.
-1 – The character expects to meet another vampire, such as through a planned meeting suggested by a common acquaintance.
-1 – The character frequents an establishment known to have common Kindred presence, such as a blood cult’s temple or the Rack.

+1 – The character witnesses another vampire in a potentially threatening capacity for the first time.
+2 – The character perceives the other vampire as an intruder or unexpected threat, such as by coming back to her haven and finding an unknown vampire there.

Brujah do not suffer their traditional +2 to frenzy difficulties on this role. They’re passionate, not ravening beasts.

Predator's Taint

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