Shadows of San Diego


Night's Prologue

In the wake of violent attacks, the Prince of San Diego authorized the creation of new childer to the clans who suffered the greatest losses. Our cast of fiends has been established:

  • Wu Xiao Tsu – Brujah, young Chinese Triad member with something to prove.
  • Alan – Ventrue, legal clerk with ambition and presence
  • Cole Rand – Tremere, politically outspoken writer
  • George MacIntyre – Tremere, leader of geeks

The Prince, concerned at the heightened risk of violations against the traditions with a larger than usual clutch of new childer, has decided to take their training into her own hands. She orders the fledgling’s sires to send their childer to the sheriff’s deputy who will handle instructing them in the basic tenets of the Camarilla Traditions. The sires are less than happy with this decree, but realize they have little choice. Their childer are given a location where they are to convene the following evening for their training.

The four fledglings arrive at the empty lot on the corner of Broadway and State. Inside is the beginnings of a construction site. The raw earth has been dug into a deep depression, and the entire block is surrounded by high construction fences. The Kindred watch each other warily until the last fledgling arrives, Leshiac. There is instant animosity towards the flagrant vampire.

As the group develops their growing dislike for Leshiac, the gates to the lot close behind a dozen armed and crazed looking gangers. Wu Xiao Tsu and Cole Rand realize they are not from one gang, but an unlikely hodgepodge of several rival groups.

As the thug leader approaches, Alan steps forward and catches his gaze. Looking into the ganger’s eyes, Alan commands “Run.” The thug, without a sound, drops his weapon and flees for his life, desperately clambering over the fence to escape. Alan turns on the rest of the thugs, raises his arms high and announces that their leader knew what was coming, and they should all follow his example. The rampaging villains shudder to a halt, stunned by the fearsome force of Alan’s presence.

Meanwhile, Wu Xiao Tsu, suspicious of Leshiac, interrogates the now terrified poser. Infuriated by the fool’s mewling pleas, he lashes out with unknown strength. The blow cracks jaw and smashes teeth, then wrenches Leshiac‘s head far enough that vertebra audibly snap. Wu Xiao Tsu is stunned by his raw power, but realizes the rest of the Kindred are being pressed by the thugs as they slowly shrug off the impact of Alan’s proclamation. He moves with startling speed and engages the enemy.

Not to be outdone, Cole Rand attempts to sway the still-unsteady gangers. He offers them the chance to become vampires, then tries to sway them into becoming his slaves. When he meets with mixed results, he captures one attacker’s gaze and commands him to betray his friends.

George MacIntyre also leans into his newfound power. Finding his scavenged pipe a less than convincing weapon, he is able to stare into the eyes of the man charging towards him and orders the pitiful mortal to commit suicide. Bolstered by his success, he charges headlong into the last knot of resistance and swings his pipe with vigour, but little success other than tumbling to the dirt.

As the dust clears after the confrontation, four gang members lie gruesomely dead. Two live, but are in various states of injury. One, having been overcome by the force of Alan‘s dread presence, can do little but gibber in terror. As Leshiac’s spine slowly twists itself back into shape and the bone reknits, the others search him to discover his real name to be Marvin Wright, an ordinary and unassuming man who is not long from his mortal life.

The Kindred turn at a laugh, and see Hernando Ruiz leap off the fence and approach. He indicates the trial they just went through was meant to test their reactions, to see how they acted under pressure, and whether they would pull together under an ouside threat. Their official training has begun.



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